The Midnight Owl

Writing at night has been my thing for such a long time, wonder why I never created a blog specifically for my late night writes. Hey, why not?

Next year, I want a lot of things to be different in my life. Not sure what the future holds, but the only way is forward or no direction at all.

I often sit here, staring blankly at the walls. The night is my shelter and my security. It assures the soul, heart.

Life is hard when certain people are nowhere to be seen, whereas other people are all the places you don’t want them to be.

If only life was as easy as the adults told us kids about, when we were young and free.

No worries, no stress, no money problems and no fear in general, apart from the occasional bruise or falling over a toy.

A simpler time. One that we long for, once doors seem to close and opportunities run out.

It kind of feels like our luck is fading with each year that goes by.

Cherish people, keep memories alive and remember to love. The story is ours to tell.


4 thoughts on “The Midnight Owl

  1. For some reason, my thoughts are always more collected in the morning, before the missus and the rest of the house awakens, and before the work day begins. I need to try to tap my muse at different times of the day, maybe something different emerges?

    As for childhood, not just what they told us, eh? I remember just being young, looking at my elders and thinking “gosh, it’s so easy once we get to a certain age!” It looked that way, when I was young. Every adult just had their stuff together. It’s what I thought. Later, I found out almost nobody did. Almost nobody does.

    Although, on Facebook, everybody seems to. 😉

    Another good entry, Mila! You got me thinkin’…

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