Milestones And Daily Posts

Just checked my statistics this morning and DAYDREAM MADNESS has reached almost 3,000 views! 2017 has definitely been the most active year of blogging for me personally.

When your stats are on fire, so is your adrenaline levels & inspiration.

It’s only the 5th of August but I’ve already gotten about 200 views this month, a big increase when you think about it. To some people, it may not seem like much but, these days, I am so devoted to this blog because it’s not only an outlet but a way for me to speak beyond the normal ratios of self-expression.

If you’re passionate about writing, the rest usually comes naturally to you.

Creativity is an energy source, if you work yourself to the point of exhaustion, you get nowhere and the levels of inspiration will sink down the drain faster than you can say ”blogging”.

Patience is a virtue. Let your blog grow with time. What is meant to be will be.