The Person Behind HUMANE

Always been the kind of person to dedicate posts and pieces of writing to people who have changed my life in some way, and this isn’t any different. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a wonderful writer and poet called Jayant for the past month or more, if I can remember accurately; he who has a birthday today, and I wanted to write a little post about how great it’s been, as well as lovely, getting to know the person behind one of my favorite blogs.

I highly recommend you check out his WordPress blog, I promise you won’t be disappointed with what you come across. He is a writer whom my poetic heart is very glad to know and call a dear friend. Again, happy birthday, Jayant! Best wishes from me.


4 thoughts on “The Person Behind HUMANE

  1. Reblogged this on Humane and commented:
    I don’t know when does God (if he exists) get to have so enough time to shape such charismatic people with those very beautiful hands of his. Nor do I know it very well that what helps him choose their characters in the most perfect ratio. I don’t yet know if he really exists, but if he does, I can be no less that very much amazed by his very ways of work. My salute goes to him. And cheers to this very wonderful, whom I now have the honour to call a friend.
    So much love to Mila. 🙂

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