what a journey it’s been

So good to be writing again. It’s been a while but I’m finally updating my blog today.

I sometimes get so lost in my thoughts when I don’t have the means or the time to express what is being felt. But, it’s going to be absolutely wonderful to have a little bit of solitude and hopefully, inspiration.

For the most part we have to accept things in order to move forward.

There’s been a lot of things happening at once but of course, knowing how to talk about it can be tricky when absence leaves you at a loss for words. Not necessarily a bad thing, but we all find ourselves in a rut occasionally. As a person, I think we should allow our individual self to feel it and take it as it comes. Otherwise, how does one ever get through obstacles with courage and strength?

Well, this is my 100th post on this blog. Until the next hundred posts, wordpressers.


3 thoughts on “what a journey it’s been

  1. “absence leaves you at a loss for words”? And you find it difficult to “accept things in order to move forward”?

    I assume these are the things you are working on, & hope despite being at a loss for public words, you can discover in yourself some private ones to help work this through & reach some happy results which you can then share more publicly later; or not, as the fancy takes you. Be free, dear Mila. May words be your medication, may you find the right dosage. (I’ve just come out of hospital after a first intensive round of chemotherapy, it’s left me with a strange high, a kind of mania – not something I’m used to, hence the metaphor,)

    with all good wishes, Mila


    1. Thank you for the words, Vincent. You are in my prayers, regarding the chemotherapy part of your comment. With all good wishes from me also. Take care.


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