poem; under the moonlight

“This is a recent poem I wrote, titled: Under The Moonlight, a simple expression of how love can be a one-way street, and how letting go is harder than the actual falling in love

It fell apart under the moonlight,
We tried to fit together

But you’re not a glove & it wasn’t love,
Had to leave you with a letter

We subsided into ashes as the sun began to rise,
I kissed my pillow tenderly; hold on, sleep tight

But you never followed pursuit,
Nothing to lose but the sweater

You took me by the hand, heart
And ultimately, my mind

If the art of letting go is beautiful,
Then it sure hurts like hell
To let go.


3 thoughts on “poem; under the moonlight

  1. Mila,
    I have seen something there in each your poem that’s particular to you — and indeed! that’ll be your texture.
    I’ll try to explain that particularity sometime later, let me figure it out myself first.
    * this poem is another hit, hope it is to be there in the book!

    Wishes. 🙂

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