the poetry book project: tbc

So, the book is finally making progress! It’s small steps but I’m positive that it’s going to be of substantial use. As a writer who’s built her confidence from zero, this is a major step to take. I’m sure any writer who is looking to publish for the first time has felt the similar kind of nerves as I.


A draft of a poem I wrote in the night and might include in the book. It’s one of thousands of poems I have, archived; unfinished, dismantled, revived.

I don’t really want to say too much since it’s still in the early works of development, but my heart is eager to complete this project soon. The book has a title as of now, although there could be a change in the coming months but we’ll see how it goes. And hopefully in May, I’ll be upgrading to a domain name of my own, instead of simply

Staying true to your words is also a part of what makes you stand out from the rest.

Definitely sticking to my original URL name of nostalqic since it’s been a part of this blog from the very beginning and I’d hate to change it now. Maintaining the authenticity and character is a vital part of this particular decision. After all, this will forever be my sanctuary, a platform for words to be spoken with no fear, no guard, no barriers. That’s the wonderful thing about self-expression; you feel at peace with creative outlets like this.

But it wasn’t always like this in the beginning of it all…




In the beginning, a simple joy of writing from the heart seemed like the scariest thing.

You’re faced with the reality of your pain, sadness, nostalgia, bad relationships, failed friendships and so forth. It makes you realize the extent and the effect all of these factors had in the way it shaped your life and your own identity. It’s never always good but it’s never always perfect; flawed imbalance of one’s intuitive system. I was never the kind to deny it wholeheartedly, but I was never the kind of person to openly lay my cards on the table fully, neither. But of course, with age comes wisdom and the belief that we are who we are destined to, all based on our track record of errors and mistakes. Whether that is reality or a myth remains to be seen, perhaps it already is witnessed but never noticed?

I am forever grateful for the obstacles I’ve faced, after all; it’s called being human, as I’ve previously spoken about it, time and time again on this platform of expression and thoughts.



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Make the best of your potential. Believe in yourself and you’ll get there in the end.






3 thoughts on “the poetry book project: tbc

  1. “It’s never always good but it’s never always perfect; flawed imbalance of one’s intuitive system.”
    Very true!
    I didn’t know actually how to begin with. I’ll say that I’ve loved this news. Good luck to you, and I would like to talk more, about publishing, with you!
    Thanking you for the insight! 🙂


    1. Thank you very much for the encouraging words! I must admit, I am nervous about eventually publishing, but also, twice as excited. Would be a pleasure to speak with you more in regards to that. You can always send me an email!


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