ramblings of a writer, part 2: music


Baie via Flickr.

As promised, this is the second part to my ramblings of a writer post not long ago…

It’s ironic that I’m writing this blog post on the 19th, and speaking about the emotive effect songs can have on you; mainly since it’s been exactly 9 months since I lost my precious grandmother, and many can imagine; and know the magnitude of what loss can be. At times, it feels like rain on your parade, and other times, it’s another, different story.

But, let’s get straight to the point: Music.

The lyrics that can make your heart sing and your eyes cry.

How does one define it?

Truth is, you can’t; it’s a universal wavelength of connectivity between mind and heart
or in most common and known cases with this, a constant battle of mind versus heart

In my opinion, that’s what I admire the most about the lyrical aspects of it; stories told, nostalgia felt, love treasured, pain explored in depths beyond compare, key details.

What songs do you tend to listen to at night and why?

“It all truly varies, depending on how you feel; whether you’re looking for emotional comfort or a cheerful melody to help you get through a rough time. What tends to happen is, I look for a particular song, and I know it strikes a nerve, but I listen to it nonetheless because it brings me back to happier moments captured. My favorite song right now is Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God), not because it’s cheesy or emotional in particular, but the sound is very complex.”


Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)


Any others?


Bonnie Tyler.

Yes, absolutely! I’m not sure many people know this but ever since I was a child, one of my idols was Bonnie Tyler, and her song Total Eclipse Of The Heart used to be played constantly on the cassette player I was given long ago by my parents. Another long-time favorite of mine is Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), by ABBA; which brings me back to my complex shift in terms of music preference. What you listen to can definitely tell you a lot about how you’re feeling”



Knowing what to say can be the hardest part, so, finding a song that speaks to you is worth a lot more than words could ever express. What songs do you listen to at night and why?


One thought on “ramblings of a writer, part 2: music

  1. This one is fascinating, to tell you the truth!
    And, yes! Music is a major part of life, rather life indeed.

    Thanks for the suggestions, in case of the songs.

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