ramblings of a writer; part 1.

Photo credit: J is for Journal.

Listening to cheesy songs and writing at night always seemed to be the best of both worlds, well; for the accurate parts of life anyway. But I do enjoy these moments.


If you would, then please suggest any subjects for my next posts. Inspire me!

As of next week, I would like to write more in-depth, because as much as I love my comfort zone, it’s a barrier to most things, which isn’t acceptable anymore, by any means.

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  1. Samantha says:

    You could write about what ‘cheesy’ song gets to you emotionally. How you turned into the person you are today. What you aim for in life. What you did this week, what moves you, or just talk about the weather (in case of a writer’s block this always helps me :p).


    1. Mila. says:

      Wonderful suggestions, thank you! I was thinking the same, honestly. Perhaps a post about all of those things, but like a Q&A format etc.

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      1. Samantha says:

        Oh, that’s a good idea! I’m looking forward to see what you came up with 🙂


  2. Mila,
    I believe you have also been quite annoyed by this smoking thing!
    I would like to have your opinions on the subject.
    Thereafter, I’ll be posting one on the same.

    Let me read you first, then!
    Regards 🙂

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