Denial And Grief


“A smile on my face but sadness within the eyes, I’ve found myself so stuck
between denial and grief like how the weather changes in winter & spring.”



Since the loss of my grandmother, my views of life have changed dramatically & I’m not sure if it’s because I’m grieving the loss or if I’m nearly through with the wake-up call.

Death can absolutely do two things: 1, the passed one’s soul can definitely strengthen you and 2, it will also help you appreciate the people in your life and cherish the friendships you still have and the family that you’ve had by your side in this rough moment in time.

My heart goes out to anyone who has lost someone important, I truly hope you find peace despite the pain of your loss. May the souls of your departed strengthen your spirit.

I know this blog post is very abrupt and short, but I wanted to make this a very meaningful message, for myself as well as others who are going through a tough time with their loss.




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