triple threat


Been so inspired today, it got me thinking about book ideas & what I want it all to be like.

I felt it would be too much of a clash to have all subjects in one book, so why not create 3 different ones as a connected set? past, present, future; the perfect solution to a endless journey. I’m kind of stunned that it took me so long to finally think of this, but with the grief and the stress, it’s no wonder I haven’t focused on anything, let alone been alright.

Motivation is something I’ ve lacked for the past month or two, barely written/slept, for the most part, it felt like a big, dark cloud was over my head & it was incredibly draining.

A brick wall felt like it was between me & the world, as well as my creativity, I can’t really put it all into words enough to make sense of it. All I can say, this was a horrible feeling to have, there were moments of weakness and moments of complete despair,& as much as I hide my pain inside, sooner or later, it definitely has a toll on me, as well as my spirit too.

Sometimes, it feels like there are more lows than highs in this life of mine, but regardless, I get through it with a smile on my face and sadness in my brown eyes. I’m fragile, maybe.

Figured I’d write a blog post regarding all this, for some peace of mind as well as a bit of emotional baggage off my shoulders. A sigh of relief, honestly. I feel better for writing.

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