Big Dreams, Bigger Anxiety



I am your typical human being – life is never perfect, my brain never stops thinking, my dreams are far yet longed for, and as usual, anxiety continues to rule my thoughts.

it’s the one thing I wish I could erase from my life entirely, I wouldn’t even wish it on
my worst enemy; that’s how much I wish it would simply go away and never come back.

being anxious, it truly ruins the beauty of living – the bed is your safety place, the world is your enemy, people are watching, life feels like a burden, the simple tasks are the hardest to complete. it’s not easy to talk because it feels like you’re always in the wrong, it’s not
easy to walk in the street without feeling like everyone hates you, and it’s not easy to
breathe when you feel like a ghost in other people’s life, when it feels like your existence means little. anxiety is more than fear; it is pain, emotional struggle, misery, emptiness.


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