State Of Acceptance

Might be a blog post, or a rant, perhaps a poem that sounds out of sync. We’ll see…

I have more questions than answers.

For a long time, I’ve suppressed feelings for the sake of being afraid to be me. But, not anymore.

Well, there’s boundaries and personal choice in terms of what is said and written. A little bit too much sometimes.

You might think it sounds weird, but to myself and I, it’s just another day in this strange life of mine.

On a positive note though, I finally received my Level 2 Maths certificate, which I’m surprised I even got, considering my failing of the first exam and my mathematical issues of the past.

I also need to start writing and creating this next book of mine. Poetry has been on my mind, words have been expressed, but it all seems a little lost in translation.

Might also be starting an English course soon, if my anxious mind allows me to stay on track.

Do you ever feel like people are accomplishing many things in life and you aren’t? Because, me too.

I used to think my life would be this wonderful adventure. And it has been, to some extent. But it has also been painful, acceptance was the hardest part.

The older I get, the more I try to be open to life’s opportunities. Although, there’s only been a few great ones.

Mila. Xo


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