Forgiving And Forgetting: I Never Could

I had a hard time forgiving people in the past. To this day, I still do.

Yes, forgiveness is important, a crucial part of letting go, making amends, being the bigger person when it comes to conflict.

But for the most part, there are things I struggle to forgive, or forget. My heart will always try and see the good in people, no matter how much they frustrate me and betray me.

It’s the same with family feuds, drama on the horizon. How do you simply let bygones be exactly that?

You know in your heart, that you want to do right. But in the end, you simply can’t win. That’s the reality we’re living. An inevitable route, a road not easily driven past. It’s weird, really.

Can you ever truly forgive and forget completely?


2 thoughts on “Forgiving And Forgetting: I Never Could

  1. Since I wanted to write on this topic too, I was looking at what others have to say about their experience and that’s how I stumbled across your blog. I struggle with the exact same feeling. I just can’t seem to forget so many people for what they have done. It’s not easy and it’s easier to hate them then forgive them.


    1. Of course, it varies depending on the person and personal circumstances, but it is seemingly easier to hate rather than to forgive, whether big or small. I suppose, time does heal you, but you’ll always remember what broke you, and what mended your heart. Thank you for the feedback, I highly appreciate it. Lovely blog too 😊


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