Second Poetry Book Is Almost Done!

It’s been way too long since I wrote something on here. But on a brighter note, this second book of poetry is almost done. For a while, I never thought I’d be anywhere near finished, but that little boost of inspiration motivated me and here I am. Getting it done!

A CRYPTIC HUMAN ENTITY¬†is the book’s title. For those who might like to know, haha.

It’s a personal collection of thoughts, emotions and half of the material in it, I never thought I’d have the guts to choose. But, poetry should be honest. And well, mine has always been quite complex and maybe hard to understand at times. Just like me. You can tell that my star sign is Gemini.

Self-publishing poetry is my way of staying in full control of my work. It’s nice to be your own guidance, and following your natural, creative instinct. I am naturally a perfectionist, so I want things done a certain way. It’s never been for financial gain, just for the sake of self-expression and finding your voice through your pieces of art.


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