Don’t Settle For Less: Understand Your Worth.

Being self-aware is good to an extent. On the bright side, you see through people’s lies with ease, reality doesn’t seem as bad as the promises people break on a daily basis.

It somehow helps you understand the difference between genuine and counterfeit.

Guarding yourself from disappointment and betrayal is one thing, but of course, you can’t always guarantee that it will work like you hoped it would. For the most part, the people you encounter, their words and actions ultimately shape your outlook on many things, for years to come. And that’s just how life goes at times. It’s so inevitable.

No heart can stay guarded forever though, obviously, we all know that by now.

Although, knowing too much is sometimes not that wonderful. It can lead you down a path of trust issues, insecurities within you and self and a lot more. The more you know, the more it inevitably hurts. Knowing that someone you care about really doesn’t feel the same about you.

That’s probably the hardest thing to acknowledge when it comes down to it.

But seriously though, it is! Learning to not accept less than you deserve. To love who you are and what you are to become, before thinking of someone else for once in your life.

Don’t settle for less: understand your worth. Know that there is someone out there who will appreciate you for every ounce of individuality and love within your heart and soul.


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