Heart Full Of Gratitude



As many people know, I like to type as I think. That’s what makes this blog so complex and honest, because most of the posts are literally created within 15 minutes or less.



Depending on the content and editing, of course.

Most bloggers and writers prefer to write up a lot of pre-scheduled posts and keep them on a scheduled loop, which is really cool, they clearly know their stuff and have a lot of wonderful things to say, but I am not like most. Well, for the most part anyway.

When I first started this blog, it was nothing but an emotive outlet. Numerous URL changes, blog layouts, and a domain name later, what used to be a hobby, now a passion for creativity and writing. I’m not sure where the writing will take me, or if it ever does go anywhere, but I like to put effort into things I know will possibly blossom in time.

And, I truly thank the ones who never gave up believing in my potential. We’re not always fortunate enough to have people that support us through our creative or day-to-day lives, but thankfully, I do. My life would simply not be complete without you in it.

My resolutions post will be up tomorrow, for today’s write-up, I just wanted to give a quick talk and give a little update or two. Haven’t yet started work on A Cryptic Human Entity, but I’ll get there. I have time. A lot of good things have occurred in the last months of 2017, which have inspired me and made me a lot happier than I was before.

Nervous, yet excited for 2018 to begin. Who knows…maybe it’s the time for love, happiness and strength? I have a feeling it will be. Or it’s my heart telling me so.

(Also, it’s Christmas soon!)


Take care, everyone! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year!

Mila. xo



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