Writing Session #30

Tomorrow’s night going to be fun. Not as bold or exciting for me personally, but for many others, I am sure. Regardless of what celebration, I’m content with my books and poetry. Writing for my second book too, and I need all the inspiration I can get when it comes to it. A title has been set, which I’ll be announcing next month, as well as the explanation behind what it represents as a whole. There’s a cover design this time, which a dear friend is going to help me with. I swear, I have the best people in my life right now.

So, all credit due goes to her, and the other muses that have inspired me in these last few years (or even longer than that). Some friendships get stronger and better with time. I’m grateful for the ones who have remained true to our bond, and even for the ones who ultimately let go. I don’t necessarily blame them. We sometimes drift apart, it’s human nature, a natural part of life. What might have worked before just didn’t work now and that’s okay.

For this post, I wanted to write a more lengthy piece. But, that’s the great thing about personal blogs. We speak and talk about whatever, and whenever we feel the need to. I try and not be unrealistic in terms of my blog. This is my sanctuary, my happy place and if at least one person likes what I have to say, awesome. Don’t let numbers and statistics ruin you too much.

Halloween is tomorrow, um. Personally, I’ll just be at home, there’s a chance I’ll open the bottle of wine that’s been in my bedroom for what feels like forever. Not necessarily much of a drinker, neither do I have time or a taste for it.  The occasional drink or two is enough for me. Can’t say the same about my coffee habit. A little hypocritical, but, I’m a complex human, don’t judge me! Haha. Well, until next time, which is tomorrow. My last Writing Session will be posted quite early. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do next, feel free to send a message or a comment on here. I’d like to hear from you!


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