Writing Session #27

For the first time in this month, I didn’t exactly write much. But, I wanted to put together a little one for you to read now. Earlier was busier than usual, food was to be prepared, dishes to be cleaned and the house to organize. It takes a lot of energy and time to get everything done right. Very therapeutic, though. As well as being able to see an old friend of mine from school. So, perhaps it was worth it. To skip a writing session and spend time outside of the social media circle for one moment or a few. It’s well, so true…

I’ll be writing and publishing a new writing session for tomorrow, a reflective note to an old self. And, a chance to truly reflect on what I have learned about daily expression as a whole. What I have gained from doing this. As well as, simply putting more thought into what it says about this blog. DAYDREAM MADNESS is my happy place and it’s clarity too.


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