Writing Session #22

Well, today has certainly been full of surprises and happy moments. I’m surrounded by a loving family, supportive friends, and that’s something I’ll never take for granted, ever.

In the past, things weren’t always easy, but as time goes along, you definitely see it from other people’s perspective. Sometimes, it’s good. Sometimes, it’s not so great. But, all in all, life is all about change, embracing people’s quirks, flaws, opinions and working together to make a difference, no matter how small.

Another thing that has taught me a new outlook in general, is my determination to fight the anxiety that once left me unable to do anything outside of my comfort zone. It just goes to show that you can do it. You will be happy. You will be free of your fears at some point.

Facing your fears in the face is tough. Whoever said it was easy, clearly did not go through it like the others. Patience is a virtue. Don’t stress yourself. What might be easy for some is even harder for the majority. Heal with time, not worrying about when or if you succeed.

We are our own enemy when it comes to critique. We analyze our own choices and decisions more than any other person ever will, and it’s a complex situation to find yourself in.

As much as society expects us to follow the routine of common traits and paths, making sure that you’re happy is key. Well, bad days and horrible moments aside, happiness is not a long-term feeling. With each day that passes, the emotion of the day can be unpredictable, hard to recognize. Don’t worry about that – we are human beings, right?


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