Writing Session #8

8th post already? Wow, I feel kind of proud for sticking to my writing schedule this far. I’m not the usual blogger who feels comfortable posting every day, out of fear that people might end up hating my blog, or disliking me in general. But, it’s been a nice change, yep.

Thank you to all the ones who do check DAYDREAM MADNESS a lot of the time, that will always be appreciated by yours truly. And next year, it’ll be three whole years since this personal blog came to life, and what a beautiful journey it’s been. Time really does heal you, at some point.

Can’t wait to write my resolutions list for 2018. It’s going to be packed full of stuff, I can already tell! Well, what else to add? Oh yeah, and a major shout-out to my friends and family, the support has been incredible, to say the least. I love you all!


5 thoughts on “Writing Session #8

  1. Love from this side too, dear friend!
    Keep yourself in good care, and rest assured, people love your writing.

    Now, only that you plan some resolutions for me too! Kidding! 😉


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