Mission Accomplished!

Remember when I talked about announcing my book of poetry’s official title? Well, I…

Published it! Not listed it for sale, but my first is completed. September 25th, to be exact.


Ordered a copy 15 minutes after it was uploaded and processed, which was a surreal moment for me, because I never thought I would be able to get it done, let alone have it “in production”.


As of now, it’s not public, and I tend to keep it that way for a few reasons in particular:

1. My copy hasn’t arrived yet and when it does, I’ll obviously go through it etc.

2. This was more of a “test run”, not a profit to gain, money is the least of my concern.

3. A personal project for now, but perhaps at a later date, another book will be listed.


It’s still a strange feeling. After years of talking to friends about the prospect of a book coming to reality. And now, it’s happening. Can barely process this information in general.


Seeing the final product is going to be epic. I can feel it. Whether you do it independently or with a publisher, anything is possible in this day and age. Just the ability, to make a life-long dream a reality is what motivation is all about. It’s all about believing in yourself and never giving up on your passions in life.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening ahead of them. Take care! Xo



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