oh, the beauty of honest writing…

“This blog is my sanctuary. It’s been such a big part of my life that I couldn’t part with it even if I tried. At times, there’s been doubt, yet this was my safety blanket…”

What began as a habit now became something greater…

In my teenage years, I had this peculiar habit of starting a blog but never being able to stick with one. This happened a lot over the years, yet I eventually decided to be serious about it. In May 2015, DAYDREAM MADNESS came to life. Never been able to let go since.


Oh, the beauty of writing…

This year, I’ve definitely been more active on my blog. Written more, expressed a lot more than in the past. Hey, I even have a domain name now. That was really great, although scary at the same time, because investing money in a blog that only a handful of people will ever read is a big step for anyone. Especially me. But you know what? I’m so content with that. After all, it’s better to have a few loyal readers than have a hundred bots spamming you and ruining what means so much to you as a person as well as a writer.

Writing for yourself is good for the soul…

My blog will always be personal. I’m not a great writer, but simply an honest one.

This website was created for the sake of an emotional and expressive outlet, that will always be the case. Whether I publish a book or simply a poem, I’ll always enjoy writing because it helps me when I’m sad and it helps me when I’m alone or lost in my own thoughts. People write for different reasons but we all have something in common at some point or another, especially when we come across a piece that not only resonates with our heart but it also makes us think.

Words have the ability to change our outlook on the things we thought we knew and the people we thought could be trusted completely. It helps us think, it helps us learn, it helps us understand the difference between what we want and what we deserve. Of course, this varies depending on people but in the long run, the similarities are still there.

It has taken me days to put together a post, so excuse my rambling on, I’m just so happy to be writing again. Feels good to express. Hoping it doesn’t get too repetitive because even writers loathe their ways sometimes. At least I do, not sure about everyone else.

400+ words later…

Thanks to anyone who decides to read this whole entire thing. You are great.

Peace and Love,

Mila. xo


5 thoughts on “oh, the beauty of honest writing…

  1. I hope you will stay faithful to your writing, your honesty and this blog, till these two years of Dayfream Madness extend to twenty & more. And I hope to keep following you too . . .


    1. Hard to believe it’s been over two years already. I do hope this blog lives on for as long as one can possibly keep writing. Thank you for the words, Vincent. It’s always appreciated.


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