nearly a milestone

Checked out my stats earlier, and it seems that my blog has reached almost 1k views and 100 followers since I created it in mid-2015. Now, for some people, it seems like a small number but to me, it certainly means a lot more. I never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say, which makes this even more humbling to witness, nearly two years later.

There’s nothing but honesty on this page and will continue to be only that.

This is the only blog I’ve really made an effort to update on a semi-regular basis, and as part of my current resolutions, it’s my goal to stick to this and maybe write a little more than once a week, because right now, I have this fear of updating too much, so it’s like, one week of no writing and then it’s like whoa, inspiration strikes and you’re eager to post twice in a day. This has been a journal a lot so, who knows, maybe I’ll document life more?

But that’s something I would only do if people were interested, or if there’s anything specific you’d like to read on here, feel free to give me your feedback. I really would like to connect with other writers more than I do, since we all have that in common mostly.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll finally afford a domain name. But for the time being, I can’t afford it and I’m not articulate; nor popular enough for that matter. But you know, a young writer can dream big, as long as they don’t develop an ego. That’d be quite the tragedy.


One thought on “nearly a milestone

  1. I remember having that same feeling. Some blogs grow super big in a few weeks, but I think after a year or so I had about 100 followers and that pace was just fine by me. I also remember getting my first follower and going “WHOA!?” about it, heheh. And don’t even get me started about receiving my first comment :p

    About how much to write: that’s all up to you! 🙂 Some people do post twice a day and you know, as long as it adds something to your blog it’s okay. It depends what your goal is, I suppose. Maybe play with the amount of posts for a bit and see what suits you best 🙂


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