bad poetry is still poetry



I rarely feel comfortable with sharing poems anymore, mostly because of one previous comment on one of those anonymous question sites (I know) which stated that my poetry was truly bad and horrible & I’d never achieve any goal I set for myself in the near future.

Now hearing that, it does kind of hurt you emotionally and it makes you look at your work in a different way. HOWEVER…it can also inspire better work, that you will ultimately be proud of; yourself, later in life. I don’t know what to say about mine, except that it’s truly me speaking from the heart, and that’s about it. In my opinion, bad poetry is still poetry.

Expressing yourself creatively will always be a risk,
some will love it, others will hate your guts fo
r it.


But the most important thing to remember is, you’re writing because YOU love it, not because you’re dying to impress someone else. It’s all about believing in your own work.


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