cold nights and blog posts

So, it’s finally the end of another stressful, hectic week. Not so much in the amount of stuff that has been happening, but in general, I’ve felt quite mixed in terms of emotions

and the recurring flu symptoms that crawl up when it gets colder and the nights arrive quicker, I suppose. Barely have the energy or time to be on this blog much but I truly do find comfort in expressing myself through words, no matter how little or much I say here.

Another thing I’ve had time to think of, is the fact that I rarely post my creative writing on this, so I would like to publish more of that, but on a secondary blog, where it’s just me and my random bits and pieces, my poetry and weird little stories, things like that!

I’m going to start posting on Lay Your Hands Bare so if you are interested in what I have to say then definitely stay tuned because I will post all things poetry on there. It’s clear that my main blog is more of a journal, and that it’d be weird to all of a sudden change it all to suit a particular theme etc. This is more of a expressive platform for me personally, and I wouldn’t really want it to be anything else.

I am quite an open book, so a lot of things will be written and expressed on here, but it’s like, a coping method I’ve used for years and it’s okay if no one listens, but having that freedom to write down my feelings, it truly helps a lot and since I don’t discuss things openly with friends and family, it’s of course easier to say it all here and just feel the weight lift off my shoulders. But if a person stumbles upon this page, I do appreciate it that you took the time to read along the lines, so it’s always appreciated by myself and I.

Again, not sure if I’ll stick to a balanced writing scheme, but hopefully, I will have the determination and drive in order to update you on things going on and happening.

Have a beautiful Friday, I hope it’s going to be a great one for every one of you!

Yours Truly,



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