poetry lanes

I rarely talk about the poems or the ideas I have for my book, much of which
I have yet to figure out for myself and my creative flow.

Very set on the title, I have this vision and all these goals to reach, in due course.
It’s never as easy as the others make it seem, it’s a creative process throughout, it definitely involves deep thought and concentration is key if you want to make it work.

I seem to have lost motivation after obvious personal losses
and self-doubt seems to have taken over.

Slowly but surely, I am gaining control of it all and continuing on this journey to complete my toughest mission yet: to create for the love of poetry.

The one thing to always remember, is that poetry is not designed to be perfect,
but it is meant to touch lives, regardless of how many.

If you create for the sake of passion and not for the superficial, it’s more than likely you will already have made it, simply because you created something that you put your all into; every tear, smile, laugh, cry, everything. It’s about raw emotion and depth.

It’s not about how many witness your art, it’s about being proud of yours.


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