Writing Session #12

Friday the 13th is ahead of us. I don’t know about you, but I feel okay about it. Used to believe all myths, stories etc, the list simply goes on. One thing you learn as you get older is: Don’t exactly listen to everything people say. Well, we’ll agree to disagree for now.


I really should post earlier, but a lot of stuff distracts me during the day, not to mention, my lack of a good sleep routine. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if you’ll ever not look like a zombie in the morning. That’s the story of my life, right there. How funny?

Well, I’m tired. Not sure what to write about next. Comment a few suggestions, thank you and have a good night! I’ll be in bed, dreaming away the madness. Pun intended.


(Wow, I suck at these)


Reflective Moments // Poetry Book Title Announcement

Last night, I had the opportunity to look back on my archive of drafts and published posts and it was really interesting in general; how much has changed since DAYDREAM MADNESS became a place for all things expressive and creative.

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Personal Blogs & Forget Me Not’s

The definition “personal blog” has always intrigued me. Before I created my own, it was hard to know which category mine would fit. Certainly wasn’t lifestyle or beauty related.

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the first of many milestones

My blog officially has 100 followers! It seems like such a small number to many, but to me, it is the first of many milestones to come. For someone who’s doubted herself for the longest amount of time, I think I’ve done pretty well. Not sure what the future holds for this blog but I do know that I’m grateful for the entirety. A big thank you to the friends who believed in me, the fellow writers and bloggers who have inspired me and strengthened my belief in the written art, thank you. Hopefully, as time goes on and I slowly but surely upgrade it to a more professional standard, it will become a bigger project in the near future. Overall, you’re great.

nearly a milestone

Checked out my stats earlier, and it seems that my blog has reached almost 1k views and 100 followers since I created it in mid-2015. Now, for some people, it seems like a small number but to me, it certainly means a lot more. I never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say, which makes this even more humbling to witness, nearly two years later.

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