Does Creativity Sleep? The Answer Is No

Inspiration can strike at any given time or place. Expected and unexpected.

Truth be told, I have often found myself waking up in the middle of a dream or short-lived nap, and suddenly, having this need to express what I have seen or felt during this particular state of mind.

My thoughts are complex, but not always.

Anyway, I’m hoping to sleep at some point in the night, so I wish you all the best, and sleep well (or good morning to the ones just waking up)

Take care,

Mila. Xo

Writing Session #10

Tomorrow is going to be stressful, I can already sense it. Here I am, writing late and trying to get an endless list of chores completed before midnight. And writing this post was kind of a must, since I promised to write one every day for the entirety of October…

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Writing Session #8

8th post already? Wow, I feel kind of proud for sticking to my writing schedule this far. I’m not the usual blogger who feels comfortable posting every day, out of fear that people might end up hating my blog, or disliking me in general. But, it’s been a nice change, yep.

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Writing Session #5

Tonight’s writing session will be a little different. Perhaps shorter is how to put it lightly.

Since I haven’t written a new poem in what seems like ages, I thought I would give myself a challenge for tonight. Always looking for different ways to inspire myself, as well as to keep my creative brain in shape. There are days where I have complete writer’s block which either frustrates or pushes me to snap out of it within 24 hours, literally no in-between.

For tonight, I wanted to post a tiny poem called, “By The Hand”

Depth between the lines
An observational point of view
You were a ghost to many
But loved by me

Writing Session #4

Excuse the lateness of #4. I found myself distracted earlier and well, as last minute as it obviously is, content is still as meaningful as when I put together stuff for days on end.


I was going to post a poem, but let’s just stick to basic material for the entirety of this one. There is no doubt that #5 will be more spectacular than what I’ve decided to ramble on about this evening.

Found myself thinking about plenty of complex scenarios in my head. It’s somewhat a nightly regime; nostalgia, you, repeat. A harmony and melancholy lack of balance within sight. Not entirely sure what this actually means, but keeping my shoulders free of emotional weight in regards to the night.

Not much to add, I’m afraid. But I will be back tomorrow with better words! I promise! Until next time, fellow night writers and blog readers.

Also, fun fact: song of the night is Hanging On The Telephone by Blondie. Kind of the main reason for the header choice. What’s your song of the night? Do share.


Writing Session #1

October has arrived in style. And it’s only 30 sleeps until Halloween. The best part of any year in my eyes. Not because of the costumes, well, other people’s since I don’t necessarily need to dress up due to my black clothing all year but, for many of us, it’s a day and night to celebrate. But anyway, welcome to Writing Session 1 out of a potential 31.


I was going to write a longer post this evening, but due to feeling “under the weather”, I’ve decided to keep it short and simple. Laughter is not always the medicine we need, neither is music or other quick fixes. Not going to dwell on it further though, it shall pass in time. Until then, I will focus on better things.


Currently in bed writing now, the lights are off, this is what the weekend is ALL about for me. Getting nice rest, keeping yourself cared for, surrounding yourself with love, music and most of all, inspiration.


Being unwell does make it harder to write, especially if you feel motivated enough despite your lack of energy etc. Plenty of hydration and sleep is good for you when bad health comes around. Self-care is important. Taking care of yourself is a must. Yes!

Sorry for a brief post tonight. The next one will be a lot better, I promise. Take care!