For Granted

I wrapped my thoughts in denial, thinking it would change the outcome. To bite your tongue and accept the reality of things, I've always taken for granted. Clarity in front of you, to seek your trust and guide you towards hope.


devil called lust

  A girl with a whole heart to spill emotional damage, boys and girls never understood the meaning of her tense demeanor until it punched them in the face. Sinners were no match for this heart of tricks, she took a breath away in seconds and you never forgot her face. She was intimidating to the point where you…

daydream madness

Love; a sacred archive of past emotions, the morning sun to our gray beginnings you were and you still are the object of my affection until oxygen ceases my brain I will never love anyone as dearly nor as true, my heart will always be yours truly there's not a day that I don't think of you…