Poem For My Guardian Angel

Happy birthday to my guardian angel in the sky. I was truly blessed to have such a selfless, devoted, loving grandmother in life. This is a poem for my guardian angel. I love and miss you, forever.

Muses & Archived Emotions

Wanted to share a poem with you today. This will be in my poetry book when it’s finally published. Title & release date is yet to be announced but this piece will give you a clue if you read down the starting points. Or perhaps it already sounds familiar?   This piece is called “MUSES…

chapters of your story to be written

This is not exactly my typical post on here. Often enough, it’s about deeper things and my thoughts regarding them. As much as this is an emotionally involved piece of writing, it is of a wonderful kind.

poem; under the moonlight

“This is a recent poem I wrote, titled: Under The Moonlight, a simple expression of how love can be a one-way street, and how letting go is harder than the actual falling in love“

ramblings of a writer, part 2: music

As promised, this is the second part to my ramblings of a writer post not long ago… It’s ironic that I’m writing this blog post on the 19th, and speaking about the emotive effect songs can have on you; mainly since it’s been exactly 9 months since I lost my precious grandmother, and many can imagine;…

why a broken heart does not define you

        Love is like buying a house; you invest time into something that will ultimately either fall apart or benefit your life immensely as the moments turn into cherished memories.   The odds of it being the idealistic scenario you imagined in your mind for years is a short branch on a grown tree.

mind struck a nerve

I had this need to write out my feelings on here and I hope you don’t mind. Well, my brain is at war with my heart, clearly, because nostalgia has crept into my thoughts again, it’s heavy and demanding.  Right now it’s four in the morning, and perhaps the lonely hour is upon us, which…

a poem for the soul

I’ve always written about my emotions and how they are part of what makes me human. Life brings a lot of surprises, twists and turns. I am now grateful for that broken path, because it made me stronger.