Milestones And Daily Posts

Just checked my statistics this morning and DAYDREAM MADNESS has reached almost 3,000 views! 2017 has definitely been the most active year of blogging for me personally. When your stats are on fire, so is your adrenaline levels & inspiration. It’s only the 5th of August but I’ve already gotten about 200 views this month, a big…

Blog-A-Versary & Upgrading Mine

Today has been wonderful to say the least. And WordPress also reminded me that it’s the second anniversary of my blog which makes me even more excited to be on here right now.

the first of many milestones

My blog officially has 100 followers! It seems like such a small number to many, but to me, it is the first of many milestones to come. For someone who’s doubted herself for the longest amount of time, I think I’ve done pretty well. Not sure what the future holds for this blog but I…

nearly a milestone

Checked out my stats earlier, and it seems that my blog has reached almost 1k views and 100 followers since I created it in mid-2015. Now, for some people, it seems like a small number but to me, it certainly means a lot more. I never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to…

hours to years: a journey of life

The 27th of January will always remain close to my heart, for two critical reasons. Even as the years go by, it never fails to keep me grounded, calm and collected, within soul & mind.