2017: An Experience To Remember

You really do learn a lot over the course of 12 months. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone and that’s just one of those things. Which, of course, is why people should not waste their remaining hours, months, days. It’s all about making good use of your resources etc.   There are experiences to remember,…

Writing Session #18

Today’s post will be a brief message of gratitude, reflection, positivity and most of all: personal thought.

Dear Old Me: A Poem

  You fell in love¬†with a concrete heart, not realizing that you should have loved yourself first.

Blog-A-Versary & Upgrading Mine

Today has been wonderful to say the least. And WordPress also reminded me that it’s the second anniversary of my blog which makes me even more excited to be on here right now.

Dearest Of All To My Heart

Almost two years on and I still find myself nervous about¬†writing on this blog. You’d think that one would gain a little confidence but unfortunately, I have a lot of stuff to work on as of yet. But, it’s not all bad, though. There’s plenty of good things happening too!

the first of many milestones

My blog officially has 100 followers! It seems like such a small number to many, but to me, it is the first of many milestones to come. For someone who’s doubted herself for the longest amount of time, I think I’ve done pretty well. Not sure what the future holds for this blog but I…

the poetry book project: tbc

To believe in one’s self is hard enough to do without conflicting thoughts and self-critical hesitation. But how to go above and beyond to overcome it and win, that’s another story.