It’s Never Too Late For A Change

Having time for your blog is sometimes not possible, and for the most part, it’s completely understandable; You have a life to live, stuff to do, people to see, chores to tick off your list.  

Writing Session #29

Clocks went back today. Good in terms of extra sleep, but having to be productive for another hour seemed like a chore. Thankfully, I got through it just enough to stay positive. As 2017 slowly comes to an end, the idea of a new year is exciting but petrifying at the same time. It almost…

Writing Session #23

Writing in the darkness of a room has always been my scenery of choice. The patience of thought, gradually expressed. Peace is the word. I am at peace with myself. Solitude does help you sustain it. That echo or a whisper, now simply a memory engraved in the mind.

Writing Session #17

Addictions can be hard to break, and it’s pretty much the same for bad habits. You learn a lot when you try breaking up with yours for 24 hours…

Writing Session #1

October has arrived in style. And it’s only 30 sleeps until Halloween. The best part of any year in my eyes. Not because of the costumes, well, other people’s since I don’t necessarily need to dress up due to my black clothing all year but, for many of us, it’s a day and night to…

the pros and cons of being a people pleaser

People often say that being selfless is good, as long as you’re not being taken advantage of. Most times, people are grateful and that’s all fine and dandy for the majority. But soon enough, you start to see a pattern of change in the ones who have become quite accustomed to the idea of you…

my five goals for July and onwards

Three days ago, I felt like things were finally going my way. But in a matter of just hours, my laptop malfunctioned and something happened to the hard drive, which means that I can’t access important files and photos. Yeah, stupidly enough, I didn’t back-up my data.

a new chapter of self

  Since the sun is out, I’m keeping this post on a lighter note. No personal censors though.

resolutions 2017 (continued)

Today’s post will be about resolutions. As mentioned in my previous post on this blog about resolutions at the beginning of this year, I wanted to

scale of events

As of late, eating lots of junk and weighing myself too often has been the highlight and backfire of 2017 so far. On one hand, I am determined to lose the weight, but at the same time, there are days where all I want is to indulge until my stomach hurts. This has been a…

hours to years: a journey of life

The 27th of January will always remain close to my heart, for two critical reasons. Even as the years go by, it never fails to keep me grounded, calm and collected, within soul & mind.