Quit Your Ego, It Does Not Make You Look Good

Now, I honestly like people with strong personalities. If you can be honest, consistent, straight to the point and still have a good heart, that’s always a wonderful thing, in my book.


That’s something I will always admire and respect. However, there’s some people who quite clearly don’t know the difference between a bold personality and having an ego.


Material assets might make you successful and wealthy, but if you have an ugly attitude and no respect for other people, then all of that means nothing to me and we’ll never be able to get along with one another.


Don’t bring others down just because you’re in need of an ego boost.


Encourage your peers, support your friends, love your family and appreciate what you have because you never know when you’re going to lose it all. Time is precious, so don’t waste yours.

ego’s in the sand

Two blog posts in a short time, never thought it would happen in 2016 but hello.
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