Sunday Expression

Another late upload tonight, I’m going to try and work out a better post schedule in order for my motivation to post and write to remain consistent.

Sunday usually doesn’t feel so long and exhausting, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m going to bed shortly, if my brain manages to allow it.

Stay safe and have a good evening.

Mila. Xo

Heartfelt Times Of Us

Without the people who helped shape us, and the ones who continue to strengthen us, life wouldn’t be quite the same journey, and perhaps, that is the meaning of all this.

Being human is hard at times. Just learning to be patient challenges me on another level. Maintaining that balance of peace and madness.

After all, life isn’t meant to be perfect. Sometimes, it is hard to remember that since, we’re idealistic minds by nature.

Puppet On A String

A life beautiful in so many different ways, but terribly repetitive.

Thoughts of you cloud my brain, I try and clear it all in one go, but my heart says “no”.

As much as we like to think that we control our own mind, it’s really it that controls us.

Whether we can or whether we shall is a complete different story.

Our mind is usually quite good at picking up signs, reading body language and our gut instinct never lies.

But we all, at times, have our moments of surrender.

Guilty as hell after. But you can’t regret what you wanted in the first place.

devil called lust



A girl with a whole heart to spill emotional damage, boys and girls never understood the meaning of her tense demeanor until it punched them in the face. Sinners were no match for this heart of tricks, she took a breath away in seconds and you never forgot her face. Continue reading