Does Creativity Sleep? The Answer Is No

Inspiration can strike at any given time or place. Expected and unexpected.

Truth be told, I have often found myself waking up in the middle of a dream or short-lived nap, and suddenly, having this need to express what I have seen or felt during this particular state of mind.

My thoughts are complex, but not always.

Anyway, I’m hoping to sleep at some point in the night, so I wish you all the best, and sleep well (or good morning to the ones just waking up)

Take care,

Mila. Xo

Writing Session #17

After a cup (or two) of caffeine beverages, I feel like myself again. Writing this quite late because I’ve had migraines all day and because, with all chores that needed to be done, I was kind of stressing myself a little too much. But, I’m here and number 17 is being written. That’s the main thing: getting it done, whether it’s too early or too late in the day.

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