Why December Is THE Month Of All Years

There's something truly magical about this time of year. We have a wonderful excuse to decorate our houses with everything gold, sparkly and shiny. It's also another reason to spread some happiness and cheer with the people around us. Whether it's family, close friends or new companions in life, it's the memories we create that is of … Continue reading Why December Is THE Month Of All Years

Writing Session #20

Writing for this second book is a little complex since I'm such a perfectionist and every little detail matters. Quite motivated, despite that. Heading off to bed soon, beauty sleep is calling me. A more in-depth post will be published tomorrow. Until then, take care! Xo

Milestones And Daily Posts

Just checked my statistics this morning and DAYDREAM MADNESS has reached almost 3,000 views! 2017 has definitely been the most active year of blogging for me personally. When your stats are on fire, so is your adrenaline levels & inspiration. It's only the 5th of August but I've already gotten about 200 views this month, a big … Continue reading Milestones And Daily Posts

Reflective Moments // Poetry Book Title Announcement

Last night, I had the opportunity to look back on my archive of drafts and published posts and it was really interesting in general; how much has changed since DAYDREAM MADNESS became a place for all things expressive and creative. This blog has had numerous name changes in the past, quite a lot of theme … Continue reading Reflective Moments // Poetry Book Title Announcement