Why December Is THE Month Of All Years

There’s something truly magical about this time of year. We have a wonderful excuse to decorate our houses with everything gold, sparkly and shiny. It’s also another reason to spread some happiness and cheer with the people around us. Whether it’s family, close friends or new companions in life, it’s the memories we create that is of…

Writing Session #31

So, the last Writing Session is being written as we speak. It’s been quite a journey in terms of sticking to a writing routine. Proud of myself for not giving up on what could have been, easily, a disaster. But all that said, I have enjoyed the idea of posting every day, whether it’s meaningful,…

Writing Session #30

Tomorrow’s night going to be fun. Not as bold or exciting for me personally, but for many others, I am sure. Regardless of what celebration, I’m content with my books and poetry. Writing for my second book too, and I need all the inspiration I can get when it comes to it. A title has…

Writing Session #29

Clocks went back today. Good in terms of extra sleep, but having to be productive for another hour seemed like a chore. Thankfully, I got through it just enough to stay positive. As 2017 slowly comes to an end, the idea of a new year is exciting but petrifying at the same time. It almost…

Writing Session #27

For the first time in this month, I didn’t exactly write much. But, I wanted to put together a little one for you to read now. Earlier was busier than usual, food was to be prepared, dishes to be cleaned and the house to organize. It takes a lot of energy and time to get…

Writing Session #20

Writing for this second book is a little complex since I’m such a perfectionist and every little detail matters. Quite motivated, despite that. Heading off to bed soon, beauty sleep is calling me. A more in-depth post will be published tomorrow. Until then, take care! Xo

Milestones And Daily Posts

Just checked my statistics this morning and DAYDREAM MADNESS has reached almost 3,000 views! 2017 has definitely been the most active year of blogging for me personally. When your stats are on fire, so is your adrenaline levels & inspiration. It’s only the 5th of August but I’ve already gotten about 200 views this month, a big…

Reflective Moments // Poetry Book Title Announcement

Last night, I had the opportunity to look back on my archive of drafts and published posts and it was really interesting in general; how much has changed since DAYDREAM MADNESS became a place for all things expressive and creative.

Creativity On The Agenda

So, another month begins. How normal yet hard to believe since we’ve just had June start up and all of a sudden, it’s gone. I’ll never understand why time goes by as it does but

Blog-A-Versary & Upgrading Mine

Today has been wonderful to say the least. And WordPress also reminded me that it’s the second anniversary of my blog which makes me even more excited to be on here right now.

simplistic form

Changed my blog theme last night. It’s incredible how little changes can make your blog look more professional. As of right now, the blog is categorized as personal but hopefully later in this year, I’ll be able to upgrade it in some way; domain names are a vital part