2017: An Experience To Remember

You really do learn a lot over the course of 12 months. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone and that’s just one of those things. Which, of course, is why people should not waste their remaining hours, months, days. It’s all about making good use of your resources etc.


There are experiences to remember, challenges to face and obstacles to overcome.


Life isn’t meant to be perfect, and the sooner we acknowledge that, the better. We often confuse fake smiles for true, wealth for happiness, and love, as if to calculate our own value and place in this world.


Better things will occur, better people will arrive, better memories will happen.

The complexity of life is what makes it a journey, so don’t lose yourself in temporary clouds of mind. We all have moments of doubt, and that’s not a crime to feel.


I personally thank everyone who has ever supported me and this blog, my year has been so great and so inspiring because of you.


As I enter my third year of blogging soon, I hope to further develop my work, and keep writing to my heart’s content. May the next year be full of light, love and clarity.


Note to self: Leave your fears behind. You are capable of wonderful things.



scale of events


As of late, eating lots of junk and weighing myself too often has been the highlight and backfire of 2017 so far. On one hand, I am determined to lose the weight, but at the same time, there are days where all I want is to indulge until my stomach hurts. This has been a threat to the so-called dieting plan; but also, a trigger for the lost girl inside my soul. Continue reading

nearly a milestone

Checked out my stats earlier, and it seems that my blog has reached almost 1k views and 100 followers since I created it in mid-2015. Now, for some people, it seems like a small number but to me, it certainly means a lot more. I never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say, which makes this even more humbling to witness, nearly two years later.

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a few belated wishes


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to update my blog in a more consistent matter and I have many plans in doing so, so that I can stick with one of my few personal goals for 2o17.

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personal resolutions for 2017


I’m usually not the kind of person who likes when a year ends and a new one begins but in my own experience, 2016 has been quite the roller-coaster ride; if I must say so, myself.

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