window of opportunity


Created my first CV today, and it’s a bittersweet feeling because 1. I don’t like the fact that I’m getting older, although the freedom and independence is of course delightful, and 2. because I don’t have a long employment history due to me helping my family out a lot.

It’s not that I’m lacking the skills, well maybe, but more lacking the overall experience of being in full-time work. As someone who has tried but failed to keep a job, most times because of my anxiety, attention to detail or the boss’ idealistic demands, that means it’s a little scary applying for jobs, let alone creating a list of my accomplishments and so forth.

From an early age, I’ve always been an intellectual person, someone who takes pride in what she achieves in life and takes the bad and transforms it into something of good use and that’s how I have coped with tough situations, obstacles, learning curbs etc.

Hopefully as I get older, work and stability comes easier in life.

hello February

Changed my header image/color scheme and I’m satisfied as of right now.

If anyone wondered, here’s the story behind the main topic: the bag I was using today is one of my favorite ones, and the print really is stunning, by then; it kind of struck me how cool it would look as the front image of my blog.

As soon as I arrived home, my blog name was added as text to the photo, and the rest is history. Makes my page look a tiny bit more sophisticated, I think. But enough of that.

February, I love you already.

save your pennies, girl!

January is the buzz-kill season of all months…

Christmas is over and done with, you’re paying the price for the aftermath
and that leaves you in a bit of a messy situation, money wise.

The bills are stacking up and it leaves you thinking “can I even afford this coffee?”

It’s a self-made problem, but I’m trying to curb my spending habits.

Perhaps I should stick to a less expensive option…maybe.
Note to self in the future: please save your pennies, girl!

Welcome To My Sanctuary Of Mind

I’m simply a young woman with a passion for poetry and writing, and it’s been this way for as long as I can remember. My goal is to publish a book of poems and share pieces
of my own being with others. And to inspire others to not give up on their dreams.

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