our mind likes to wander


This post should have been up ages ago, well…the original piece I didn’t finish writing up.

But to me, it felt too depressing and I don’t necessarily want my blog to be a downwards spiral of emotions. Speaking from the heart has always been my goal, but there are many occasions where I simply don’t feel comfortable with my own thoughts. It can definitely feel like a dark cloud over your head 24/7 and it’s just not pleasant for me or any other.

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simplistic form


Changed my blog theme last night. It’s incredible how little changes can make your blog look more professional. As of right now, the blog is categorized as personal but hopefully later in this year, I’ll be able to upgrade it in some way; domain names are a vital part Continue reading “simplistic form”

ramblings of a writer, part 2: music

Baie via Flickr.

As promised, this is the second part to my ramblings of a writer post not long ago…

It’s ironic that I’m writing this blog post on the 19th, and speaking about the emotive effect songs can have on you; mainly since it’s been exactly 9 months since I lost my precious grandmother, and many can imagine; and know the magnitude of what loss can be. At times, it feels like rain on your parade, and other times, it’s another, different story.

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tiny steps are a start

26771101034_7cd458dc1a_bIt’s those tiny steps of courage that will enlighten you and guide you, which says a lot about the phrase “sometimes less is more”. Any obstacle can be faced if you have the guts to face it in the first place. Perhaps, really; it’s all about those steps. tiny steps are a start.

scale of events


As of late, eating lots of junk and weighing myself too often has been the highlight and backfire of 2017 so far. On one hand, I am determined to lose the weight, but at the same time, there are days where all I want is to indulge until my stomach hurts. This has been a threat to the so-called dieting plan; but also, a trigger for the lost girl inside my soul. Continue reading “scale of events”

here’s to independence and you

photo credit: Tyler Merbler via Flickr.

It’s officially Valentine’s Day…or as I like to call it: self-appreciation day for the women (and men) who are currently not attached by the heart, or simply content with life.Continue reading “here’s to independence and you”

why a broken heart does not define you



Photo credit: Alessandra Hechanova via Flickr.



Love is like buying a house; you invest time into something that will ultimately either fall apart or benefit your life immensely as the moments turn into cherished memories.


The odds of it being the idealistic scenario you imagined in your mind for years is a short branch on a grown tree.

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tonight’s note to you

Saturday nights are the best, and being able to update my blog in peace is another perk.

I was going to post a lengthy piece, but I feel quite tired after the day I’ve had, been awake since 6 in the morning; it’s surprising how much energy kids have when you simply don’t.

May this weekend be as wonderful as you are, take care and I hope you enjoy this evening.