dying for a touch of paradise

I simply can't get you out of my head & I wonder if I ever will at this point a single thought of you drives me insane with desire to kiss & tell about your soul magnificent piece of art whom consumes my mind


madness called unconditional love

you're like the tattoo I don't have yet an image in my head that I'm obsessed with you're like the book I haven't gotten to read yet the cover is stuck in my head you're like the sun that hasn't shined yet the rays of light is what I need you're like the bad habit…

Poem: Back Of Mind

A poem by me: There's a song in my head but it doesn't exist yet Perhaps the bittersweet melody of life, That others like to describe. Or the nostalgic beat of a broken heart's skip on repeat, Regardless of the content; I am forever smitten. Either by your smile, or the haze of false hope,…