October is around the corner and so is the end of 2017. I really don’t want it to end at all.

Beginning next month, I thought I would do something different on DAYDREAM MADNESS. It’s called Writing Sessions, and for the whole of October, I’m going to be writing a daily post, either a poem or simply a blog post discussing my writing methods, current inspirations and stuff like that.


I see people doing wonderful things on their blogs all the time, which made me want to do something other than just talk about my personal issues, although sometimes it’s a good outlet.


That’s the whole point of a personal blog, right? Being passionate about the subjects.

Or, to keep stuff organized on here, I might create a secondary blog for what I’m planning to put together etc. Haven’t decided what to do yet, but any feedback I do get will, of course, be most helpful. Being this happy before Monday comes is so weird. Wow.



Well, that’s all I really had to say tonight. But, new posts will no doubt be written soon!

  Take care,

Mila. xo

Welcome to DAYDREAM MADNESS, my sanctuary of thought and peace of mind. A personal blog with a difference. I'm Mila, the creator/writer behind the scenes. Join me on this journey of self-growth, emotive reflection and occasional poetry from yours, truly.

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