The Broken People Are Still Worthy

People have strong points and weaknesses. It’s not a crime to feel happy or sad and it’s not wrong to feel the emotion that we do.

This is what makes us human, even vulnerable at times. But it should never define you as a person.

Often enough, people like to point out that I don’t have a job, even though there’s a personal reason why, that my anxiety was and still is just another word for “lazy”, and that my depressive tendencies were an excuse to stay locked inside my own thoughts.

But the truth is, some people find a twisted pleasure in my failed attempts of independence. When something goes wrong or I personally feel terrible, it’s their joy in life.

I’m a known introvert, perhaps a social outcast, definitely a loser in some people’s eyes. But, there’s always a reason for my melancholy state of mind. Of course, it’s easier to judge me than display compassion.

All I can say is, a person’s pain is not something to laugh at. We all have different situations and complicated lives.

Listen to your family, cherish the loyal friends in your life, have long talks with the ones you know and love. Don’t abuse trust for a minute of gossip.


  1. Brooklyn's Corner says:

    Very wise words.

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    1. Mila says:

      Thank you. I appreciate the feedback! Hope you have a great day.


      1. Brooklyn's Corner says:

        Your welcome.

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  2. agurl says:

    #Don’t abuse trust for a minute of gossip. You know, the moment you begin to gossip or talk about issues irrelevant to your success, you are quick to spill out what was not meant for the listener. Often times, we do that for satisfaction or as a stress reliever but a moment of reflection on the extent to which “trust” can save someone, is a great gesture. #The broken people are still worthy!!!


    1. Mila says:

      Thank you for the comment.

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  3. agurl says:

    #Don’t abuse trust for a minute gossip.


  4. T Haney says:

    Very well written and yet so true. Stay strong. Xo

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    1. Mila says:

      I appreciate the kind words. Thank you, and I will. Xo

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